I have been a very happy parent by making both my kids begin their first step in schooling with Hand in Hand. The humility and education imparted was excellent 5 yrs ago and still holds true today as well. It is an pleasure to interact with the teachers and the kids love them totally! Thank you Rashmi Ma'am and all the teachers, old and new, for grooming my kiddo the way you did.

Ankita Biswas-Ahuja

I simply loved the school, the love and affection given to the kids, the attention paid to them.. above all... the endless efforts they put for the development of ur child and that is purely visible right from the time ur kid gets comfortable with the school.. they teach and preach by doing and practicing it almost daily... I am very much satisfied by the school and do recommend it to whosoever concerned for the same.

Shreshtha Maheshwari

I would recommend HandInHand to my friends and family. Their curriculum is a perfect blend of study, play and outings.

Jyoti Malhotra

I chose HandInHand over the big chains because of the personalized attention that the teachers and the principal give to the kids.

Sonal Gupta

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