Cognitive development

  • The literacy programme– language development, vocabulary building, communication and Narration skills.
  • Apparatus– picture reading, story narration, rhymes, riddles, limericks, audio-visual presentation, theatre, puppetry etc.
  • The numeracy programme– understanding of numbers, number value association, numeric vocabulary, pre-number concept, spacial thinking.
  • Apparatus– beading, skittle pins, counters, flash cards, finger tracing, work sheets, lacing boards, other common objects to understand the numerical concepts

Creativity and imagination

Art & Craft; dance, music, action songs, theatre, story sessions; role play, puppetry, audio-visual stimulations and other theme based shows.

Physical development

Free play on the all season kid’s gym area (Jungle gym, ball pool, trampoline, cycling, swings etc), structured and unstructured games, simple exercises, tae-Kwon-do; skating, sports!

Emotional, social and value development

Emotional, social and value development in children is an on-going process, we believe ‘If habits die hard then why not make good habits your own’

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