HIH has 5 days a week -Monday to Friday 9 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
The holiday list is circulated at the beginning of each term. The school is closed for the summer from 10th May to 1st of July. All Government holidays are also school holidays.
If for any reason you want to meet the class- teacher you may call at the school number for appointments, after school hours. We do not wish to disturb the child’s routine and hence no staff is available for discussions during the school hours.The phone numbers of the teachers are provided for the parents and they may call them at a mutually convenient time.
You will be informed and given specified times. It is very important to meet your child’s teachers every three months to be aware of the overall progress of your ward at school. We would like both parents to attend all the meetings.
After the child has completed a quarter of a year with us a detailed written report is given to parents. This will be followed by teacher parent meet.
The school has a tie up with a doctor who does complete health checkup of children periodically. A doctor’s certificate must be sent to the school when the child returns after the illness.
Parents wishing to celebrate their child’s birthday in school kindly contact the class teacher a week in advance so that she has enough time to organize. A cake (only home baked/best quality), potato chips and apple or orange juice is what all children enjoy most. Kindly also send paper plates, glasses, napkins, and spoons. The class teacher normally organizes the celebration at ‘snack time’ which lasts about 30 minutes.
Children are free to wear any clothes which they can manage easily. Parents are requested to send a spare set of labeled underwear with their child every day as a precaution. Children do not like to use unfamiliar clothes.
Parents should inform the school if they are taking their child on holiday during the school term or the child is on long leave.
If a child is leaving the school parents should inform us, in writing; a month in advance about the child’s last day at school. We will arrange something special for farewell. It allows both the child and staff to say good-bye to each other.


We run transport service for picking up children. Anyhow we encourage parents to pick up and drop children to and from school. All transports have a teacher on board. In case of private transport the staff will assist with the arrival and departure of children to and from the school. Kindly park and instruct your drivers to park your cars, in an organized way so that the road in front of the school is not blocked. Written instruction must be given to the school if the child is to go home with anyone other than the person whose name has been given in school record. The same should be confirmed over telephone call.
The school provides the midmorning snack. A detailed menu is provided by the school as ‘Monthly meal menu’. This will help children to form good food habits, when they sit together at the dining area.RO systems are maintained and services regularly to provide good quality drinking water to the children, Yet we encourage to send bottled water for your ward. Water will be provided from school if the children run short of the water they bring from home.
The Day Care is Operational between 8 am to 8 pm. It provides boarding for children between the age group of 1 year to 8 yrs.

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Kindly contact the school contact for details of fee structure.
The school runs under the aegis of ‘The Paramount educational welfare society’. It is managed by Mrs. Rashmi Singh (Ex head Mistress DPS Infant School- The Nursery school of DPS RK Puram, Sect XII)

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